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Federico Michele Facca

Area Head
Trento, Italy
Federico is the area head of Smart Infrastructures Area at CREATE-NET, an ICT research center located in Trentino. Federico coordinates the research activities of the area around deployment, management and operation of Future Internet infrastructures and platforms based on Cloud Computing and Software-defined Network paradigms. Federico's current research activities focus on:

Highly available and automated cloud environments. Cloud paradigm is becoming more and more central in the ICT arena as solution to simplify the management of ICT resources and services. As such it is a fundamental building block of Future Internet research. My research explores architectures and tools to automate deployment of cloud environments from the IaaS layer to the PaaS layer ensuring high availability of the services (i.e. no single point of failure) and exploring different combination of vertical and horizontal elasticity (i.e. supporting flexible service load). Our research activities in the field goes from traditional clouds, where computational capacities are hosted in data-centers, to edge clouds, where computational capacities are deployed closer to the users.

Software-defined networks for cloud and data centers. To ensure QoS of cloud-based applications, it is not enough to manage SLAs related to computational and storage. Scaling computational and storage virtual resources used by applications can only ensure given performances inside the virtual appliance. When applications get more and more complex and distributed, ensuring QoS requires controlling the connectivity among the them to shape the traffic accordingly. Our research on this topic, focuses on providing NaaS through Software-defined Network technologies in connection with cloud environments and data centers. The research starts from state-of-the-art solution for adoption of Software-defined Network technologies in data-centers and moves towards definition of paradigms and solutions for Application-defined Networking, where applications - accordingly to their needs - "negotiate" network services.

Green and Zero CO. Data centers are one of the most energy consuming infrastructures in the world. They are estimated to use more than 1.5% of total produced energy. Our research focus on improving the efficiency of the amount of energy used to run servers and the facilities where they are hosted. Our research activities start from virtual appliance consolidation inside a data center to reduce the number of active servers and its moving toward novel challenges where service load are shaped and virtual machine consolidated to take most possible advantage of renewable energies so as to minimize data center CO2 emissions.

My research team adopts (and contributes to) different Open Source technologies, such as OpenStack, CloudFoundry, OpenFlow, Ryu, Apache Hadoop.