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How to Contribute [clear filter]
Monday, November 3


How to Maximize Effectiveness of Your Developers Contributing to OpenStack

OpenStack is a project that in a fairly short amount of time has attracted in its ecosystem most of IT giants, becoming one of the largest collaborative software development efforts ever seen. We'll explore how collaboration works in OpenStack and how companies contribute to the project, what drives their motivations. There will also be time to see examples of how development teams are setup internally at some of these companies in order to maximize effective contributions.

avatar for Stefano Maffulli

Stefano Maffulli

Sr. Dir. Community & Marketing, Scality
Senior Director of Community Marketing at Scality where he is leading the efforts to bring Zenko, the open source multi-cloud controller, to developers around the world. Stefano built his career around Free Software and open source: from pre-sales engineer and product manager at... Read More →

Monday November 3, 2014 11:40 - 12:20
Salle Passy


OpenStack QA in a Nutshell
OpenStack QA ensures the upstream stability and quality of OpenStack.

You are interested in the quality of OpenStack? We need you!
You are an developer or quality engineer? We need you!
You are an operator running a cloud and want to ensure your cloud works fine? We need you!

This talk is a starting guide for new contributers and will cover all aspects
of the QA program. We will talk about testing concepts, low hanging fruits
and how you can give feedback to the team.

avatar for Marc Koderer

Marc Koderer

Senior Cloud Technologist, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Telekom
Marc is OpenStack Tempest core team member and supports the quality of OpenStack with feature development. He is also active contributer in the Telco Working Group, Cinder and Manila. At Deutsche Telekom he is a driver for the cloud initiative and tries to show how a carrier can benefit... Read More →

Monday November 3, 2014 12:30 - 13:10
Salle Passy


Land Your First Neutron Patch
Neutron is one of the most important and challenging OpenStack projects.  Getting started as a Neutron contributor will put you at the center of the OpenStack revolution. In this session you will get an overview of the Neutron architecture and the tools (Git, Gerrit, Launchpad, Jenkins) you'll need to know to start contributing. We will also walk you through the development process from new feature proposal, to coding best practices, to change testing before submitting, and finally how to handle the review process and community interaction. By the end, you will be ready to start hacking on Neutron.

avatar for Rossella Sblendido

Rossella Sblendido

Software Engineer, SUSE
Rossella is a Software Engineer at SUSE. She's a core reviewer for Neutron and has been involved in SDN since 2010 . She's also a mentor for the OpenStack Outreach Program for Women.

Monday November 3, 2014 14:30 - 15:10
Salle Passy


Tales from the Ship: Navigating the OpenStack Community Seas
As the OpenStack community has exploded in size, certain processes and
procedures were put in place in order to allow for more effective
governance and management of the myriad projects that comprise the
OpenStack ecosystem. Tooling was developed around blueprint and design
development, source code management, code reviews, and team
communication, all with the ostensible goal of providing more consistent
and transparent management of project direction.

However, with the introduction of these many processes and tools came a
burden to new contributors as well as a need for mentorship programs to
nurture and guide individuals and organizations into being good
OpenStack community citizens. This talk is a guide to navigating these
processes and tools. It's designed as a tool to help new folks get
introduced to the community, as well as a guide for old hats to mentor

We will cover the following topics:
  • The OpenStack community and governance

  • Tools we use in the community

  • Review and code best practices

  • Tips and techniques for best interacting with community members

  • Embracing the ebb and flow of corporate and individual agendas

Jay will present the above guide, with Geoff Hollingworth from Ericsson
providing real-world experience in how applying these recommendations
can change a company's experience with the OpenStack community.

avatar for Jay Pipes

Jay Pipes

Amazon Web Services
I'm new to the Kubernetes scene but not open source. Please introduce yourself and say hi! Topics I'm interested in: reducing technical debt, documentation, scheduling, resource management and the Kubernetes contributor experience.
avatar for Ildikó Váncsa

Ildikó Váncsa

Software Developer, Ericsson
Ildikó is a Software Developer, working in the O&M area of cloud development at Ericsson. She has been contributing to OpenStack since November 2013, her main focus area is Ceilometer, but she is contributing to other projects too, like OpenStack Manuals, Nova or Oslo. She joined... Read More →

Monday November 3, 2014 15:20 - 16:00
Salle Passy


Slaying The Salmon of Doubt
Working your way upstream is not easy. In this talk, I will explore how a team of software engineers in HP went from being closed-source enterprise developers to being a full house of ATCs and one core team member. I will look at the personal, departmental and institutional waterfalls that had to be flattened to achieve this.

Back in the day, we forked Diablo and worked feverishly behind closed doors to run v1 of our public cloud. Today we work upstream and run weeks behind trunk with only a handful of proprietary patches. We also offer a "Community Edition" release every 6 weeks that uses TripleO technology to encapsulate some of the learnings we got from running trunk at scale.

avatar for Thom Leggett

Thom Leggett

Software Engineering Manager, Hewlett-Packard
High performing, happy teams. Software that is a joy to use.

Monday November 3, 2014 16:20 - 17:00
Salle Passy


Writing Enterprise Docs with an Upstream. A Life Lesson in Giving Back.
Working within a closed-source organization can be a very sterile method of development. Open Source, on the other hand, is anything but. Balancing the delicate relationship between enterprise-level development and upstream community groups is a study in extreme patience, and often involves way too many bald yaks and multi-coloured bike sheds.

Anne and Lana have been doing exactly this at both Rackspace and other organisations. The symbiotic and cyclical relationship between enterprise and upstream has forced them both to forge a new way of approaching their roles. This talk discusses the holistic view that is required when working with both internal and upstream development teams, and includes some dreams about getting the two to overlap just that little bit more.

avatar for Lana Brindley

Lana Brindley

Senior Manager, Information Development, Rackspace
Manager of a team of technical writers at Rackspace, and Liberty Documentation PTL.
avatar for Anne Gentle

Anne Gentle

Principal Engineer, Rackspace
Anne Gentle works in open source projects with the OpenStack project at Rackspace, using open source techniques for API design and documentation. She ensures the docs.openstack.org site contains relevant and accurate documentation for 20 projects written in Python across 130 git repositories... Read More →

Monday November 3, 2014 17:10 - 17:50
Salle Passy