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Wednesday, November 5


Keystone to Keystone Federation
In this presentation, we describe the federated identity enhancements we have added to support Keystone to Keystone federation for enabling hybrid cloud functionality. We begin with an overview of key hybrid cloud use cases that have been identified by our stakeholders including those being encountered by OpenStack superuser CERN. We then discuss our SAML based approach for enabling Keystones to trust each other and provide authorization and  role support for resources in hybrid cloud environments.   

avatar for Marek Denis

Marek Denis

CERN Research Fellow, CERN, CERN
Marek is a core member of the Keystone core team, working on a CERN and Rackspace joint project. He focuses his efforts on building hybrid clouds.  Marek was one of the contributors for Icehouse Federation, Keystone2Keystone as well as implemented client side of the federation suite... Read More →
avatar for Steve Martinelli

Steve Martinelli

Senior Software Developer, IBM, IBM Canada Ltd.
Steve Martinelli is an OpenStack Active Technical Contributor and a Keystone Core Contributor. He primarily focuses on enabling Keystone, which is OpenStack's Identity Manager, to better integrate into enterprise environments. Steve was responsible for adding Federated Identity and... Read More →
avatar for Joe Savak

Joe Savak

Senior Product Manager, Rackspace
Joe Savak is a Senior Product Manager over Integration Services at Rackspace. In his current role, he oversees products designed to connect all-the-things and deliver optimal and secure user-experiences for customers. 
avatar for Brad Topol

Brad Topol

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Dr. Brad Topol is an IBM Distinguished Engineer leading efforts focused on Open Technologies and Developer Advocacy. In his current role, Brad leads a development team focused on contributing to and improving Kubernetes. Brad is a Kubernetes contributor, serves as a member of the... Read More →

Jorge Williams

Rackspace Principal Architect
Jorge Williams is a Principal Architect in the Rackspace Cloud Integration Team where he develops tools and services to solve common integration problems. While at Rackspace, Jorge has aided in the design and development of the Repose HTTP proxy, the Cloud Servers API, the OpenStack... Read More →

Wednesday November 5, 2014 11:50 - 12:30
Room 251


Cold Start Booting of 1000 VMs Under 10 Minutes

The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) is a global collaboration that is analyzing CERN's LHC data, and it consists of more than 170 computing centers in 40 countries.


The CMS experiment is maintaining a large infrastructure to readout and filter the data from the detector. The High Level Trigger (HLT) cluster is composed of 15k cores in 1500 compute nodes dedicated to online data and event filtering. However, this resource is used only for about 30% of the time, due to the accelerator duty cycle and the various maintenance periods and the rest of time it is free. Only during these unused times an OpenStack cloud is started on top of the cluster allowing it to join the WLCG for offline data analysis.


For running the required software for the offline data analysis, specific system images are generated and distributed through the cloud. The OpenStack s image service (Glance) has to distribute a 1,7 GB image to almost 1500 servers, so the VMs can boot. Every time images are added or changed, Glance has to redistribute the new images to all nova compute nodes which poses challenges. Due to the usage pattern, a rapid startup is needed to maximize the available cluster time of sometimes only a few hours.


In this presentation we will discuss how we managed to boot all the available nova compute nodes, in under 10 minutes. Also the specificities of this standard cluster usage and opportunistic cloud usage will be explained, as will the details of the deployment of the infrastructure, the issues encountered and their solutions.

avatar for Anastasios Andronidis

Anastasios Andronidis

Technical Student, CERN
March, 2010 9th Quattor Workshop , Quattor workshop focused on current status of the production release of the compiler and new features available in the development release . Participant October, 2012 RO-LCG 2012 , Using a cloud infrastructure for the on demand provisioning of worker... Read More →

Wednesday November 5, 2014 13:50 - 14:30
Room 251


Cloud Federation: Are We There Yet?
Cloud Bursting has long been the holy grail of cloud use cases. And we are getting closer! With the recent progress in Icehouse, capabilities now exist to demonstrate a true federated user experience operating across multiple clouds.  In this talk and demonstration, we will cover some basic concepts around federated authentication, an explanation of the architecture and services behind Keystone identity federation (based on SAML), and a demo of how this can be configured and used to log a user into multiple clouds from a single account.  We will then discuss what s next, including Keystone to Keystone federation, and further developments aimed at providing a more seamless user experience while consuming multiple clouds simultaneously.

avatar for Tim Bell

Tim Bell

Infrastructure Services Manager, CERN
Tim is currently responsible for the team at CERN that manages the operating system and infrastructure services. He previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM and managing large-scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank. As part of CERN's data centre... Read More →
avatar for Marek Denis

Marek Denis

CERN Research Fellow, CERN, CERN
Marek is a core member of the Keystone core team, working on a CERN and Rackspace joint project. He focuses his efforts on building hybrid clouds.  Marek was one of the contributors for Icehouse Federation, Keystone2Keystone as well as implemented client side of the federation suite... Read More →
avatar for Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

Practice Area CTO (DevOps), Rackspace, the Open Cloud Company
Chris Jackson is the CTO for Rackspace's emerging DevOps Practice. He has over a decade of IT experience in technical support, solution design, account management and web application development. In his current role, Chris is responsible for the technology and service strategy built... Read More →

Wednesday November 5, 2014 14:40 - 15:20
Room 251


Top Hybrid Cloud Myths Debunked

Because enterprise cloud computing is still emerging, many myths about hybrid cloud have surfaced. Building your enterprise hybrid cloud with eyes wide open will ensure you don t have inflated expectations and know what you should - and shouldn t - expect from your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud isn t one dimensional. Buzzwords such as portability and containerization mean different things depending on your perspective, and media coverage has only increased confusion as to how they can affect your organization.

On this panel, experts from diverse industries including public and private cloud, systems integration and cloud management will separate reality from assumption around top cloud computing myths and the top trends around cloud computing. Included will be recommendations for mitigating risks when migrating to the cloud.



Randy Bias, CTO/CEO, Cloudscaling

Mark Williams, CTO, Redapt

Anthony Skinner, CTO, Moz

Sebastian Stadil, CEO, Scalr



avatar for Randy Bias

Randy Bias

VP Technology, Emerging Technology Division, EMC
His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from the “first platform” (mainframe computing... Read More →

Anthony Skinner

CTO, Moz
As CTO for Moz, Anthony is responsible for engineering, technical operations, and implementing a technical infrastructure to support the growing needs of Moz.He enjoys creating SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and large, scalable, distributed systems that enable people and... Read More →
avatar for Sebastian Stadil

Sebastian Stadil

Founder, Scalr, Scalr
Sebastian Stadil has been a Cloud developer since 2004, starting with web services for e-commerce and then for computational resources. He founded the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group, a user group of over 8000 members that meets monthly to present the latest developments in the... Read More →
avatar for Mark Williams

Mark Williams

CTO, Redapt
Possessing a deep technical knowledge in the public and private cloud space, Mark is responsible for optimizing Redapt's private and hybrid cloud solutions as Chief Technology Officer. Mark continually balances the ecosystem of technology, products, services, and automation with customer... Read More →

Wednesday November 5, 2014 15:30 - 16:10
Room 251


Containers for Multi-Cloud Apps
Writing a new application for the cloud allows you to use cloud abstraction libraries like Fog, Libcloud, or Jcloud for multi-cloud compatibility. But what if you have legacy applications that need to be moved to the cloud, but that are not practical to re-write? Containers to the rescue! Using Docker containers, legacy app workloads can be encapsulated into a portable runtime that can work the same regardless what cloud you run them on, and when combined with Libswarm/Swarmd, you can run your application on a variety of target Platforms, including OpenStack based public clouds. The same containers you run in public clouds can also be used in your own OpenStack private cloud. Join us to learn about the exciting hybrid possibilities.

avatar for Adrian Otto

Adrian Otto

Distinguished Architect, Rackspace
Adrian serves as a Distinguished Architect at Rackspace. He is an active technical contributor to OpenStack, the chair of the OpenStack Containers Team, and PTL of OpenStack Magnum. Adrian frequently appears at speaking engagements and is active within the standards community developing... Read More →

Wednesday November 5, 2014 17:20 - 18:00
Room 251